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Your Laminate Flooring Experts in Springfield, IL

Today’s laminate flooring is breaking the stigma that they are cheap, unrealistic alternatives to hardwood flooring. Manufacturers have discovered ways of making laminate flooring more durable with higher-quality materials, and more realistic using high-definition printing technology. Try not to sleep on this amazing product as it is not only affordable but stylish and functional. As your local flooring retailer, we think there are several advantages to installing laminate in your home. The experts at Cummings Carpet One Floor & Home in Springfield, Illinois, are here to help you find the best laminate floor for your home.


What Makes Laminate Flooring Different?

When first introduced to the market, laminate planks were not all that popular because they were unable to replicate the authentic look of wood grains. Now, laminate not only comes in wood-look options but tile look options too. Laminate may not hold the same value that hardwood adds to a home, but it can still deliver the same great looks. If you need an affordable wood-look option for a rental property, apartment buildings, or office, you can stop by our showroom to check out our selection.



We suggest laminate flooring for all different kinds of settings, including high traffic areas in your home. The planks feature multiple layers that are supportive, which is very similar to engineered hardwood floors. Laminate will not crack or chip like hardwood, and they will not warp due to moisture. Most laminate options are resistant to moisture and we have waterproof options, too! If your family is active and you need a floor that can keep up with you but you don’t need to always keep up with it, then laminate is your best option.



Where can Laminate be Installed?

Homeowners don’t just choose laminate for its looks, but also for its durability. You can install it on, below, and above grade. That means you can have wood-look flooring installed anywhere in your home. Changes in moisture and humidity won’t impact laminate floors, relieving some unneeded stress.


Laminate planks are installed as floating floors, which means you do not have to go through the tedious process of gluing or nailing them down. The planks fit perfectly together and “float” over your subfloor without any adhesive. You can still choose a glue-down option for a more permanent installation. Like any other floor, before installing, make sure your subfloor is dry and free of debris.


Our Laminate Selection

As a member of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative, we have access to name brands you know, as well as our exclusive brands. You can shop at our store knowing you’ll find great prices and quality flooring, all while shopping local and supporting your community. We have your local laminate flooring experts, and we even install laminate flooring locally! To learn more, visit us today or browse our laminate flooring selection online now!




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How to Maintain Laminate Floors


Laminate is known to be the flooring with carefree

maintenance. Get the looks of hardwood in your

home but with the added durability of laminate.







We're Your Local Experts


"I am more than thrilled with my new laminate flooring. It is so beautiful. I was amazed how professional and caring the installers were. Excellent product and service. Thank you Cumming's Carpet One."- Jacqueline M.

"Very professional and knowledgeable."- Renesheia O.


"We purchased a laminate floor from Cummings Carpet in July of 2017. We were so very happy with the appearance of the floor and the purchase process with Larry was excellent. After floor was down for a few months we started noticing it was beginning to snap crackle and pop as we walked on it. It was very annoying! We contacted Bruce Cummings at Cummings Carpet and he immediately gave our situation his full attention. Mr. Cummings came out himself to see exactly what was happening. For the next 3 years Bruce worked diligently for us in our claim against Shaw Flooring Corp. He came to our house numerous times to be present when inspectors from Shaw visited to see why this was happening. He also paid for inspectors to verify what we believed was a problem in the manufacturing of the particular floor that we had purchased. After all of this, in October of 2020, a Cummings flooring crew removed the original flooring and installed a beautiful new floor at absolutely no charge to us. As we all know, customer service, in general, is not what it use to be. That is far from the truth when it comes to Bruce Cummings and the folks at Cummings Carpet. In these days of always hearing “buy local”, we can honestly attest to the great benefit we enjoyed by doing just that. We will never purchase flooring elsewhere and highly recommend that you do the same." - Ron P.



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